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Welcome! You seem to have stumbled upon my blog--my thoughts and musings that I have chosen to share with you, the reader. I have started many blogs before and have helped many people start and maintain theirs. However, my writings have always somehow fallen upon deaf ears. I have worked hard to keep up blogs that few appreciate, and far too often, it becomes too rigorous to keep up. So, I finally found a way to use Standard Notes, my favorite writing tool, to publish to a blog. It's sweet and straightforward. Now that I've got the method, I have a lot to share with you. So stay tuned.

While I can't tell the future and tell you exactly what I'll be writing about, I know some topics constantly seem to be ruminating around in my head that I am sure I'll be writing about. Some of those include parenting as a single father, perspectives on life from the life of a male, photography, my love of the outdoors, programming, the life of an empath, and more. Hopefully, some of this will give some food for thought. I would love to hear yours as well.

I look forward to engaging with you.

- Che

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