Congratulations! You've stumbled upon my blog, where I post random musings and thoughts in my head. I can't guarantee you that you'll enjoy everything you read, but I hope that it at least provokes you to think about things differently than you did before you arrived.

Best Pizza I've Made

I made the best pizza I've ever made tonight. I started off with the Caulipower Cauliflower Pizza Crust. I slathered on a little bit of the Classico Traditional Pizza Sauce on the crust. Next, I added my seasoning which consisted of garlic powder, basil, oregano, red pepper, and a little bit of course Kosher salt. The next layer was the mozzarella cheese, which I filled to the edges. I happened to have a bell pepper in the fridge, so I diced up a little bit of it and s...
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Welcome to the blog

Welcome! You seem to have stumbled upon my blog--my thoughts and musings that I have chosen to share with you, the reader. I have started many blogs before and have helped many people start and maintain theirs. However, my writings have always somehow fallen upon deaf ears. I have worked hard to keep up blogs that few appreciate, and far too often, it becomes too rigorous to keep up. So, I finally found a way to use Standard Notes, my favorite writing tool, to publish to a blog. It's sweet and s...
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